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List of Orders

Order SubjectOrder No & DateDepartment
Allocation of Departments to the Advisors SRO 282 Dt 23/06/2018General Administration Department
Delegation of Powers SRO 281 Dt 23/06/2018General Administration Department
Repatriation of staff posted/deployed in the personal section of the former Ministers/Ministers of State 1039 Dt 22/06/2018General Administration Department
Biometric Attendance System - Compulsory for all employees 288 F Dt 22/06/2018Finance Department
Transfers and postings 1032 Dt 21/06/2018General Administration Department
Constitution of State Administrative Council 1033 Dt 21/06/2018General Administration Department
Appointment of Advisors to the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir 1022 Dt 20/06/2018General Administration Department
Appointment of Shri B V R Subrahmanyam IAS -CG 1987 as Chief Secretary Jammu and Kashmir 1021 Dt 20/06/2018General Administration Department
Compassionate appointment of Mst Requea Ian W/o Late constable Nazir Ahmad No 588 SPN EXK-993086 R/o Adipora Tehsil and District Kulgam under SRO-43/1994 1019 Dt 19/06/2018General Administration Department
Posting of staff in the personal section of Honble Minister 1016 Dt 18/06/2018General Administration Department
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