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Organization Chart
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Statutory Rules
Subjects Assigned to GAD
Administrative Departments
Civil List-IAS, J&K Cadre
KAS Officers
Under/Private Secretaries
Officers in GAD
Property Statement Archieve
Council of Ministers
Accord of Prosecution Sanction by GAD (Vig.)
Recipients of various Awards
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List Of Departmental e-Mail Address

NameEmail ID
Agriculture Departmentagri-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Animal-Sheep Husbandry Departmentash-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
ARI Trainings Departmentari-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Chief Ministers Secttcmsect-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Cooperative Departmentcoopd-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Education Departmentedu-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Estates Departmentestates-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Finance Departmentfinance-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Forest Departmentforest-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
General Administration Departmentgad-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Health and Medical Education Departmenthme-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Higher and Technical Education Departmenthtedu-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Home Departmenthome-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Hospitality and protocol Departmenthpd-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Housing and Urban Development Departmenthudd-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Industries and Commerce Departmenticd-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Information and Technology Departmentitd-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Information Departmentinformation-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Labour and Employment Departmentled-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
Ladakh Affairs Departmentlad-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in
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